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Houlton Police Department
97 Military Street
Houlton, ME 04730

Canon of Ethics

Principles and StandardsCode of Professional Conduct

Canon One
Law Enforcement Officers shall uphold the Constitution of the United States, the State Constitution, and all laws enacted or established pursuant to legally constituted authority.

Canon Two
Law Enforcement Officers shall be aware of and shall use proper and ethical procedures in discharging their official duties and responsibilities.

Canon Three
Law Enforcement Officers shall regard the discharge of their duties as a public trust and shall recognize their responsibilities to the people whom they are sworn to protect and serve.

Canon Four
Law Enforcement Officers will so conduct their public and private life that they exemplify the high standards of integrity, trust, and morality demanded of a member of the law enforcement officer profession.

Canon Five
Law Enforcement Officers shall recognize that our society holds the freedom of the individual as a paramount precept which shall not be infringed upon without Just, legal and necessary cause.

Canon Six
Law Enforcement Officers shall assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the Peace Officer Profession.

Canon Seven
Law Enforcement Officers shall cooperate with other officials and organizations who are using legal and ethical means to achieve the goals and objectives of the Peace Officer Profession.

Canon Eight
Law Enforcement Officers shall not compromise their integrity, nor that of their agency or profession, by accepting, giving or soliciting any gratuity.

Canon Nine
Law Enforcement Officers shall observe the confidentiality of information available to them through any source, as it relates to the Peace Officer Profession