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I.C.E. ( In case of Emergency)

There's something you can do right now that could make it easier for first responders to reach your loved ones in the event of an emergency.

Save at least one I.C.E. contact in your cell phone. I.C.E. stands for "In Case of Emergency."

It works like this: Decide who you would want first responders to contact in the event of an emergency that rendered you unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.

Next, have a conversation with that person. Confirm that he or she is willing to be your emergency contact and then provide information that first responders may need - a list of your medications, details of any allergies you may have and the name and phone number of your primary physician.

Now you're ready to enter that person's name and number in your cell phone with the prefix "ICE." For example, if your brother John is the person you would want contacted in the event of an emergency, enter "ICE-john" followed by John's telephone number. Some newer model cell phones have a designated area for emergency contacts, which eliminates the need for the ICE prefix.

The I.C.E. effort began in England in 2005 and is now gaining popularity in the United States. One thing I.C.E. advocates particularly like is the fact that with more than 200 million activated cell phones in the U.S., it's a tool that many people carry with them everywhere.

Spending a few minutes now programming I.C.E. contacts into your phone could help your loved ones respond to your side quickly in the event that you need them.