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1. In an effort to curtail underage drinking among adolescent youth in the town of Houlton, the police department will conduct random patrol checks of property if requested by a parent or guardian. The service is offered to any parent or guardian who will be away from their residence for an extended period of time and a child between the ages of 15-19 is remaining at the home. An extended period of time is defined as being out of town overnight or longer.

2. A parent or guardian must specifically request the service. An application form is available at the police department or can be downloaded online. The form requires the following information:

*The dates for which the service is requested
*Street address and description of the residence to be checked.
*Cellular phone or pager number of the parent/guardian requesting the service.
*The name of the person or persons who are authorized to be at the residence and their ages.
*Description, including plate numbers of any vehicles authorized to be at the residence.
*Preferably, two names and telephone numbers of a responsible adult who is authorized by the parent to respond to and enter the residence in the event of a problem. These people should each have a key to the residence.
*Authorization by the parent for the police to investigate activity at the residence whenever reasonable cause exists to believe underage drinking is occurring.
*Any additional information the police need to be aware of.
*Signature of the person requesting the service.

3. Should the police investigate or respond to a complaint of underage drinking at the residence, a reasonable attempt will be made to contact the parent or guardian.

4. Decisions relating to the prosecution of any criminal or juvenile offenses will be left to the discretion of the police department.

5. The parent or guardian reserves the right to cancel the request at any time.

Download the request form, or contact the Houlton Police Department for more details.