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The members of the Houlton Police Department (HPD) are honored to serve the citizens of Houlton. The HPD take this responsibility very serious and have internal controls to ensure that the citizens of Houlton are served with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Community Policing is just one way to preserve this quality of service from HPD. The HPD Motto reflects this commitment to Community Policing.

To serve the public better and keeping with the Community Policing philosophy, HPD has a vigorous Canon of Ethics for our Officers. We reinforce this with continuous training programs to ensure that Houlton is receiving the best professional service possible from its officers.

The community is an important part of Community Policing. Programs such as the Neighborhood Watch Program are an excellent example of the community watching out for one another and reporting suspicious activity or something that just does not look natural to your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors and be a friend to them. You may be able to do something from having the HPD come over to catch a thief, a stalker, or even someone who intends to cause deadly harm to your neighbor. This last reason is why it is very important to call 911 and let the HPD approach the perpetrator. Do not ever try to approach someone who is acting suspicious since you never know what they may be capable of doing.

Another benefit of Community Policing is that it may be you or your home that is in danger. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors it may be one of them that will call to help you when you are the one in need of assistance. You do not need to be part of a neighborhood watch program to watch over our neighbors. However if you are interested in having a neighborhood watch in your neighborhood, please call the HPD at the non-emergency number listed above.