Friendly Caller Program

Friendly Caller Program

Sponsored by Houlton Police Department


The Houlton Police Department has implemented a program to help senior citizens and at-risk individuals who live within the town of Houlton. The Friendly Caller Program which has been in effect for several years is a free service that checks on citizens with health problems, the elderly, those with disabilities who live alone, or even someone who just wants to feel secure and cared about.

Registered citizens will call the Houlton Police Department Dispatch Center daily between the hours of 6am and 10am. If the dispatcher does not hear from them by 10am, they will attempt to contact them by phone. If contact isn’t made with the participant a phone call will be made to their contacts on file; and if there is no response an Officer will go to the participant’s residence to check on them.

This program has been successful and the department would like to have more participants involved. This program provides them with a sense of security; knowing someone is looking out for them. It also gives the Police Department Dispatchers the opportunity to interact with members of the community outside of the scope of their regular daily actives.

A simple registration form must be filled out to participate in the program. Those forms can be picked up at the Police Department at 97 Military Street, downloaded off our website, or for the homebound citizens, one will be mailed to them by calling the station at 532-2287.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this free service please contact us. To download the registration form, click on the link below.

Friendly Caller Registration Form