Town Ordinances

Selected Town Ordinances.For a full list or to review the ordinance in full please contact the Houlton Town Office at

Chapter 3 Animals and Fowl
Article II Control of Dogs
Sec. 3-202 Restrictions
It shall be unlawful for any owner of any dog to permit or allow such dog while in the Town of Houlton to:
1. Run at large off the premises of its owner unless said dog is restrained by an adequate collar and leash or unless accompanied by its owner or a responsible person to control the animal, except that any female dog in heat shall be at all times kept under physical restraint both on and off the premises of the owner. Dogs must be on a leash at public outdoor gatherings, be restrained and not demonstrate aggressive or intimidating behavior.
2. Engage in excessive loud howling or barking or conduct itself in such a manner so as to unreasonably annoy any person other than the owner.
3. Cause damage or destruction to property, or commit a nuisance upon the premises of a person other than the owner. No owner shall fail to immediately remove and lawfully dispose of any feces by their dog on any street, sidewalk, publicly owned property or private property of another.
4. While off the premises of the owner, chase or otherwise harass any person in such a manner as reasonably to cause intimidation or to put such a person in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or injury.
5. Chase motor vehicles, bicycles and other means of transportation.
Sec. 3-204 Penalties
Any person found to be in violation of any provision of this article or any order of Court issued thereunder shall be liable to punishment by fine not to exceed fifty dollars for the first offense, $100.00 for the second offense, and an additional $50.00 for each offense after that within a 12 month period of current offense.
Chapter 10 Licenses and Business Regulations
Article III Bicycle licenses and regulations
Sec 10-306 No Bicycles or Skateboards on Sidewalks
A. No person shall propel any bicycle on any sidewalk in the Town of Houlton nor shall any person leave any bicycle on any sidewalk unless the same is left standing and parallel and adjacent to the outer edge of the sidewalk.
B. No person shall propel or ride a skateboard on any sidewalk or within any sidewalk area, or any pedestrian way within the Town of Houlton, nor shall any person leave any skateboard on any sidewalk or any pedestrian way.
Sec 10-306 Required Equipment
No person shall ride or propel a bicycle upon any public street or highway in the said Town unless said bicycle is equipped with a bell, horn, or other warning device, and if the said bicycle is to be used after dark, it must be equipped with a light that is attached to the front of said bicycle, visible from the front thereof not less than two hundred feet, and a light or reflector attached to the rear that can be seen for a distance of two hundred feet.
Sec 10-307 Observation of Traffic: Rules Required
Person riding bicycles shall observe all traffic signs and stop signs and shall further observe all traffic rules and regulations applicable thereto, and shall turn only at intersections at all turns, ride on the right side of the street or highway, passing vehicles that are slower moving to the left, and shall pass to the right when meeting another vehicle.
Sec 10-308 Hands on Handlebars: Passengers
No person shall operate or propel a bicycle without having his hands upon the handlebars. A bicycle with one seat shall not carry more than one person.
Sec 10-309 Clinging to Vehicles Prohibited
No person riding a bicycle shall hold onto a bus, truck or other moving vehicle.
Sec 10-310 Penalty
Any bicycle or skateboard operated by the owner or any other person lawfully in custody thereof in violation of any provision of this article may be taken into custody and be impounded for a period of not more than 30 days. This shall be determined by the Chief of Police.